quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012

Announcements of Job

 The consultation of the job announcements allows it to know the necessities of the companies in the conscription of the workers, making possible, in this way its candidacy. Where to find job announcements? In: • Periodicals of the Republic Official periodicals Agencies pair Qualification and Job Local radios and television Portuguese institute of Youth - its delegations Institutions of Social Solidarity Professional associations Parishes, public Meetings of Clientele, Supermarkets and other places Which the content of the job announcements? An announcement can contain relative information: • Company: Name, nationality, sector of activity, perspective of expansion in the market, type of products, volume business-oriented. Rank of work: Heading, functions to exert, possibility of promotion in the career, social level of responsibility, displacement, exemptions and remuneration. Requirements of candidacy: Level of formation, professional experience, periods of training, knowledge in the domain of computer science and languages, letter of conduction, capacity of verbal communication and writing, age and immediate availability. It learns to interpret the job announcements: To read daily a great number of announcements of job of - the trainings to identify quickly those to it that can interest to it. It repairs that, generally the announcements are written in exaggerated terms: • the company is always the greater of its sector she is always in weak expansion she demands solid experience and ample abilities the atractivo wage and stimulant

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