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The Search for job offers

To begin the search job offers, we must begin by identifying the sources of supply of labor we want.
For this, we first of all to know what we want to work, then may follow the following steps:
- Organize the personal resume;
- Scan and facilitate their digital transmission format for easy reading;
- Search for sources of labor supply through the net, newspapers and related publications;
- Send resumes to all these sources;
- Connect, when necessary, to determine whether the entity has received them;
- Host resumes on the net;
- Search for companies that are recruiting and contact with these companies;
- Try, try, try .... AND NEVER GIVE UP!

Contact with companies

Contact with companies is essential in our exposure to the labor market.
This becomes even more necessary when we do not know or do not know our labor market. Thus, it is advisable to search around a labor market in the economic area concerned.
This follows from the fact that companies that recruit workers increasingly value the knowledge of the area by the prospective employee. For this reason, this contact should always be done after the market knowledge as well as company-specific caracter'sticas contact.

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Job anoucments

If it does not leave to make an impression: He is almost impossible somebody to fill all the demanded requirements. It is certain that it has more important requirements of what others. However if to consider that it possesss most of the conditions, answers without hesitating. For example: If the demanded minimum age will be of 27 years and 25a will be had in, does not leave, therefore, to answer; If it will have concluded a formation course recently or an adequate period of training and the announcement to demand “some experience”, also does not hesitate in answering. The reply to the announcement it will have to be made through umacarta of presentation folloied of the Vitae Curriculum. Personal rocking We can help it • to discover what it knows to make better to discover what more it agrees to it namely as to look work to know the chances that the job market offers to it It does not leave that the days pass…. It is valued! It develops its capacities! It makes its personal rocking! It gives a return for its interests, gostos aptitudes, necessities… • Who am I? What I know to make? What taste to make? That type of activity I played better so far? Where aspects I will be able to improve? I will have necessity to bring up to date my professional knowledge and abilities? Of certainty that will discover in itself something that until moment was unaware of. It makes an effort! It looks for to question itself! IT THINKS… Adopte a positive attitude and if does not forget that. To look job is to work for proper itself. At this moment to look job for itself is the activity most important. To look job adequately, is over all an attitude question. One dedicates as many hours per day, how many the ones that would work for an employer. Who search job is not to ask for nothing. It is to offer a service. If it does not direct only the great companies. It will have as much or more average small hypotheses of being enlisted if to direct to the e companies. It becomes attractive the reading of its resume

Announcements of Job

 The consultation of the job announcements allows it to know the necessities of the companies in the conscription of the workers, making possible, in this way its candidacy. Where to find job announcements? In: • Periodicals of the Republic Official periodicals Agencies pair Qualification and Job Local radios and television Portuguese institute of Youth - its delegations Institutions of Social Solidarity Professional associations Parishes, public Meetings of Clientele, Supermarkets and other places Which the content of the job announcements? An announcement can contain relative information: • Company: Name, nationality, sector of activity, perspective of expansion in the market, type of products, volume business-oriented. Rank of work: Heading, functions to exert, possibility of promotion in the career, social level of responsibility, displacement, exemptions and remuneration. Requirements of candidacy: Level of formation, professional experience, periods of training, knowledge in the domain of computer science and languages, letter of conduction, capacity of verbal communication and writing, age and immediate availability. It learns to interpret the job announcements: To read daily a great number of announcements of job of - the trainings to identify quickly those to it that can interest to it. It repairs that, generally the announcements are written in exaggerated terms: • the company is always the greater of its sector she is always in weak expansion she demands solid experience and ample abilities the atractivo wage and stimulant

Pass to the share and “pushes” the luck for its side.

 We go to help it: • To answer to an announcement; to make a resume and letter of introduction or letter of candidacy To write its proper announcement of job To write a letter of Spontaneous Candidacy To prepare itself for a job interview Already it knows as to look job. It lies down hands to the workmanship. Starting for the option of the announcements.

As To find a job: job Agency

 ITS PRODUCT TRIES to sell, THAT IS ITS WORK. • It writes and it publishes its proper announcement of job. It writes and it sends Letters of Spontaneous Candidacy to the companies who already seleccionou, folloied of its Resume. Who search job is not to ask for nothing. It is to offer a service. It knows to grasp the chances An important step! It can construct a fiche similar to this: • Name of the Company Possible job Name of the person to contactar Date of the meeting Result It makes a list with its personal matrix! E over all if does not forget to fill whenever a new contact appears.

Tomorrow it can be late

 • It makes a list of all the companies where it can exert its profession. It tries to vender its work. It presents a Spontaneous Candidacy, that is, a candidacy of its initiative. Nor all the available ranks of work are announced.

Guide Of the Unemployed searching for a job

Pass to be its proper Employment agency It gives the first step:
It organizes a share plan: • It is inquired on the job market. The information is trunfo of the game of the “Hunting to the Job”. It daily reads the announcements of job published in periodicals and seleccione the ones that to interest to it. It consults and seleccione the available offers in the Agencies for the former Qualification and Job. - Centers of Job and in the private Agencies (former. Manpower). It consults and seleccione the announcements affixed on panels in the Meetings of Clientele, the Hipermercados, Supermarkets or in other public places. Contacte familiar, friends and known to get information on other chances of job. It observes which more the requirements demanded by the employers. It makes a list of the activities in which it has more job. It writes down on companies or entities to these areas of activity the respective addresses, consulting for example: - The Agency for Qualification and Job - The Yellow Pages Many of the available Jobs are not divulged! But it is necessary to know them. How? It is necessary to look the jobs that will be able to have necessity of its services!